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Hi, I'm Steve Lewis

Master Wealthy is my site where I can connect with people and tell them about the things that are working for me. You see, I have spent the past decade using different digital marketing business models, buying programs, failing & failing….but learning from my failure. Until I got to the point where I have uncovered the best mentors, training and systems that are just plan working.

But it hasn't always been this way. As a matter of fact it's been a long hard road to get to this point. As Joe Walsh famously sang, “I'm just an ordinary average guy.”


Here's my Story...

I’ve been a Full time musician, Part time Piano/Organ delivery and Beer delivery guy, Full time manufacturing laborer, Part time musician and college student, Full time manufacturing Eng./Quality technician, Full time manufacturing Quality Manager/Director/Consultant, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and now, 24/7 Digital Marketer.

The “24/7” before Digital Marketer.is to emphasize the fact that systems boosted by automation, run 24/7. I am a huge proponent of the adage “systems work, people fail,” because I have worked with systems for many years. I have built, implemented and managed Quality Management Systems for many companies based on ISO 9000, TS 16949, AS 9100, ISO 14000, etc.


All Systems Go!


With Quality Systems all the activities of the business are mapped out (usually with flow charts) and the processes are visually represented indicating the inputs and outputs or “connections.” Why do you go to all this trouble? Because in business, you win by being able to accurately predict your results. You do that by:

● Developing the most efficient processes

● Connect them using a system of inputs and outputs

● Adjusting for continuous improvement or when results are below target

Systems provide a way to drive predictable and repeatable results. Without this, business owners and investors won’t have confidence to invest.

I love systems! Without systems, you have chaos and if you can add automation to the system…..it's like cruising in my old muscle car :-).

The Point is...

Which brings me back to failing as an Internet/Digital Marketer. The fact is, digital marketing has many moving parts with inputs and outputs (connections.) Now if you can’t organize these connections in a systemized manner, chaos ensues. It’s simply unmanageable. You lose money and time; get confused and frustrated; and ultimately just quit.

Fortunately, I recognized this and I dug deep to find what I was missing. Training that is approached in a step-by-step process building to a predictable output. Marketing systems developed to turn inputs (traffic/people) into outputs (sales/subscribers) in a repeatable process.

Most importantly, automation that allows these marketing systems to operate 24/7, making sales while you sleep or chill…..bringing me back to Master Wealthy.


Master Wealthy is on a mission to help people (maybe starting with nothing) to completely change their life for the better through building an online business. I’d like to invite you to a free masterclass that will give you a blueprint to follow and will get you started, no fluff.. all value. This could be what you and your family have been looking for.

You can register your spot here

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